I should have started this diary a long, long time ago.

ChubbersThis was me a couple of years ago. Maybe not the most grotesquely overweight guy on the face of the Earth, but still, I’d made quite a few mistakes by this point and in spite of my smile (it was my birthday and my wife’s cakes are awesome) I wasn’t feeling great about it. Like a lot of people I’d screwed up my diet after I left school and my activity levels had dropped, I’d taken fast food jobs while I was studying and then I took a job doing security. To cut a long story short, that means night shifts, food bought from garages and vending machines and a completely messed up routine. It meant poor energy levels and an expanding waistline. It meant growing man-boobs and an extra chin.

Given that I used to participate in rugby, tennis, cricket, football, wrestling, karate, cross-country running and netball (yeah yeah, leave it out) I had fallen a long way.

That’s enough of the history lesson. To put it briefly, I got fed up with the shape I was in and I had my hair chopped off and started to get my act together. I’m in better shape now than I was then but I’m struggling at the moment and I need to keep tabs on my progress. I want to put it out there to give myself something more to commit to. Hopefully, I want to network with other people who are in the same position as I was then or am now and people who have been there, turned things around and are over it, living a healthy lifestyle and want to share their own successes.

I like to start a blog with a mission statement, so here’s mine. I’ll be taking a picture of myself weekly and posting it up, talking about what I’m doing exercise wise, what I’m eating, what mistakes I’ve made and what my current goals are. I’ll talk candidly about dietary supplements from a newbie’s perspective (natural supps only, no steroids here) and be brutally honest about everything I’ve done and what I think about it. Hopefully I’ll be learning a lot and linking up with other people of a similar mindset, maybe even inspiring other people to do the same.

Just to add, I’m an ironmonger and a writer. I have no ties whatsoever to any exercise, supplement or fitness company, so any reviews I put up of equipment or anything else will be honest and from the heart. I will never go out of my way to slate a product or excessively sing its praises unless I have a very, very good reason and will always give you these reasons. Reviews will also be qualitative and will never feature a rating system. You’ll get pros, cons and a conclusion and that’s it. I want this to be an “everyman’s” blog about a married father of two with a full time job and fledgling writing career, subject to the same constraints and pressures as all of you. There will be times when I’m flying high, lifting more, sparring better and getting healthy in leaps and bounds, followed by times when one of my boys brings home a series of chest infections that leave me taking days off to care for them and then myself when I fall victim to it too.

I’m not here to preach, I’m here to tell my own story. Hopefully it will be a story that helps someone else fix their own mistakes and get their health back on track.


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